Tuesday, 9 October 2007

The Basics - A formal introduction to the introduction of our introduction

And so, you have stumbled upon the blog of the mighty Wombat. What could you possibly expect to find here? Herein lies an introduction.

If you haven't yet read the 'about us' section to your right I suggest you do so. Done? Fine. First I will note down a few words from the language of the Wombat, and the translation.

Aiee! - Used in situations of mild panic
Woot - Said in times of joy (usually quite often)
Wppt - As an alternative to 'woot'
Twoot - Another alternative to 'woot'
Turtally - Totally
Beef - Goodbye (can also be 'in a beef')
Bugger - Burger
Burger - Bugger
House - Horse
Horse - House
Hose - Man with horse head at sea holding a cat (see below)

A Hose, yesterday.

Yabbit - Rabbit
Blorg - Blog
Monkey - Money
Worm - Work; "Does it worm?" "I am going to worm now, in a tit!"
Snog - Song
Sned - Send
Thee - You; "Could thee sned me that snog thee mentioned earlier? Donkey."
Donkey - Thank you
Murt - Used as offensive; A: Ouch, I just twunted myself in the pelvis. B: Thee is murt. A: Aye :(
Yorkshire! - As an alternative to shouting 'Kamikaze'
Chokie - OK
Chuppa - Cup of tea

To conclude, I finish with a small summary as to the purpose of this blorg.

As avid users of the inherently exquisite Garry's Mod, they will use this space to provide coverage of their pursuits within the game, in whichever form they see fit. Screenshots, Movies etc.