Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Title of blorg

Seems like only a day or two since I last blorged it large. We are two lazy insociable buggers so we rarely feel we have anything interesting to write. I'll have Toad get another blorg of nonsense on the go.

Tis probably quite obvious what I'm going to write about now, yes, Crysis. As you can tell I like to take my sweet time when playing games, and in Crysis all I seem to do is play for five minutes, stand around messing with the graphical settings and taking pictures for fifteen minutes, and then play another five minutes. Therefore, I have a total play time of 17 hours (and have just knocked WoW out of my top 5 at bloody last).

As a budding photographer (currently without a camera due to the fact that the battery life is shocking on my current one) I enjoy taking pictures in games too. I've built a fair collection of Crysis shots, all of which can be found here (newest ones at the bottom).

I'm also experimenting with panoramas in Crysis, vertical panoramas at least. I'm not the greatest photoshopper so I have to smudge the pictures together to get rid of the hard lines across the middle, they don't look too bad though.

The first one being when you come across the entrance to the mountain, and the second when you exit it. Check the truck at the left of the second pic for the sense of scale, looks most wootsome.

Time for a quick barth.


So I should be getting my passport through in the next few days as I'm heading to Canada for a driving holiday next May which will be ace. This got me and El Toad talking about a possible trip to Pripyat, Ukraine. Apparently they do tours to the city and around the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, both shown in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and moist recently Call of Duty 4 which we are both quite fond of. As of now there is a lack of funding/motivation stopping us from going, but if my car is still alive next year (I got it fixed by the way) it would be nice to take the 'Beast' (unofficial nickname for my car) on a trip across Europe.

Sunday, 18 November 2007

Crysis, snoo and dead cars

I'm not very creative when it comes to blorg titles so that's the best you're getting. And I apologise Mike for turtally screwing up your recent formula with this here third post in the space of 2 days.

Woke up rather hearly today as some noisy buggers came round at half 8 to install wooden flooring doonstairs. From that point on I sat half dead watching tedious Sunday morning television, until 11 when I decided it was time for more Crysis.

I'll try my best to avoid any spoilerage, hactually, there will no spoilers seeing as the other Wombat won't have this game until Crimbo. I resumed on the level 'Relic' and worked my way slowly up to the part of the map marked... erm, no this isn't going to work. OK I'll continue in the same fashion as I did yesterday. I'm still enjoying the battles with the Koreans. I was standing there in cloak mode watching them go about their business, and noticed a nice little touch, a few times now I've seen them running towards a fence or similar obstacle which they proceed to jump over and land flat on their face. It's funny watching how confused they get when you mess with the different settings on the Nanosuit, switch to cloak mode to get that funny "what the crap?" tone of voice.

I'm also having much fun blowing up anything and everything, every red barrel must be shot, every large white tank as seen in the villages must have 'nades chucked at 'em, every one of the Korean's cars must have that little petrol tank shot and the same goes for the big trucks.

So far I think it's most wootsome, and the intro to the 'Assault' level is bloody ace. Still not had a chance to battle the haliens yet, but I know it's coming.

Yes, it's quite randomly snooing here in Brumingham, can't quite figure why, hactually the fact that it's cold may have something to do with it. I like driving in snoo, so I agreed to go and pick up my sis from her hoose about 6 miles away to bring her here for our Sunday meal. On the way there all the little lights on my dashboard seemed to get gradually darker and darker, and the wipers almost ground to a halt. I soon realised that the battery was nearing the end of it's life. I got to my sister's and left the engine running, turned all unnecessary things off and was left with just the wipers and my headlights. So I had 6 miles to drive with my extremely dim headlights and near dead wipers. We somehow managed it, but the end of the journey is a pitch black country road, my windscreen was frozen and clouded, and lack of headlights meant I couldn't see a thing. Somehow came out of that unscathed and now my car sits out there dead in a few inches of snoo. May be quite difficult getting to worm tomorrow.

Shout out to Chris, who could have been part of the Wombat, but instead decided to get a life and go to University.

Saturday, 17 November 2007

Oh Lordy!

Mayhap it is time for me to also partake in this fine blorgage (not to be confused with mortgage, oh no) that Matt set up many months ago. As stated, we can't usally find the creativity greater than a squirrel trying to dodge cats and angry whales while (whales while! Aiee!) trying to grab food from the side of a space shuttle-uttle, I, myself have had different "free" sites and blogs for a while and all that have came out of them is 2 or 3 lines of text and maybe an image (Not to be confused with the F3 key on your archaic typing pad creation) So, creativity of 0 and a will, also of 0. As a result, the most creative things we make in sandbox games such as Gmod end up exploding or just plain not worming, which we still find funny and crash our servers out of spite/peppers.

As you, whoever you are, if you exist and read this, which I dont believe you do, do you? Anyway I digress so I shall get to my point, which I was going to make before I interupted myself, I am a random person, not random as in you can randomly pick me out of a crowd (try it and see!) but random in thought and speech, I find anything and everything hilarious unless its funny then I just smile, its the little things that make me guffaw like a Velociraptor, things like cats jumping on people or people jumping on cats, it matters not as it is humerous none the less.

This appears to be the most i've written in a whale, most recent were a series of short news stories that dried up quite quickly which none of you can find on our sparkling Steam community page located over there.

Not much else to say really, just a quirky fact, this blog is "maintained" by 2 people, there have been 2 posts in two months and I have just made the second post today, lets do the maths:

2 people = 2
2 months = 2
2 posts = 2
2 posts this day = 2

So 2+2+2+2 = 8

8, EIGHT, people, remember it...

Lazy buggers

Time for an update one thinks.

As you can see, The Wombat the lazy buggers we are have been so unbusy not playing games lately that we haven't got around to updating our blorg.

So what have we been doing? Me, playing Mafia, The Orange Box on both PC and hexbox 360, Woims Armageddon with Mike and my moist recent purchase Crysis (and soon a bit of World in Conflict - half price at GameStation ftw!).

As for Mike, as far as I'm aware, The Orange Box, which was then sold to make way for Call of Duty 4 and Hellgate London. Of course some Woims, and his moist recent purchase The Witcher.

In between these profusions of gaming, me and Mike have grown very fond of the channel Dave on freeview. I've been falling asleep to Biosphere, and have been listening to 'Curses' by Future of the Left indefinitely.

Crysis - Relic

Yes, so I've been playing Crysis for the past few hours. First impressions - good. Being honest I never really got that far in Far Cry, the majority of the time I spent in it I was dead, mainly due to the enemies shooting me in the head from the other end of the map, which I didn't find very fun. And the Trigens... In one word? 'Gah!'

But Crysis on the other hand is fun, the Koreans are good enemies, and I giggle every time one of them shouts "yankee shankeeeeeoooaah!". Granted I haven't got to the halien parts yet, even after 5 hours. I'm quite content in just wandering around aimlessly, looking at the lully scenery, and poppin the settings up to very high so I can take a few shots (which can be found here). I can't stay on very high settings too long unfortunately, I get 5fps when there's no action, and -1fps when I meet an enemy.

And that's all I can think to write at the moment. Stay tuned for 'Yorkshire Zombies' - a short story from Mike, which I've been promised will be finished sometime in the next 5 years.