Saturday, 17 November 2007

Oh Lordy!

Mayhap it is time for me to also partake in this fine blorgage (not to be confused with mortgage, oh no) that Matt set up many months ago. As stated, we can't usally find the creativity greater than a squirrel trying to dodge cats and angry whales while (whales while! Aiee!) trying to grab food from the side of a space shuttle-uttle, I, myself have had different "free" sites and blogs for a while and all that have came out of them is 2 or 3 lines of text and maybe an image (Not to be confused with the F3 key on your archaic typing pad creation) So, creativity of 0 and a will, also of 0. As a result, the most creative things we make in sandbox games such as Gmod end up exploding or just plain not worming, which we still find funny and crash our servers out of spite/peppers.

As you, whoever you are, if you exist and read this, which I dont believe you do, do you? Anyway I digress so I shall get to my point, which I was going to make before I interupted myself, I am a random person, not random as in you can randomly pick me out of a crowd (try it and see!) but random in thought and speech, I find anything and everything hilarious unless its funny then I just smile, its the little things that make me guffaw like a Velociraptor, things like cats jumping on people or people jumping on cats, it matters not as it is humerous none the less.

This appears to be the most i've written in a whale, most recent were a series of short news stories that dried up quite quickly which none of you can find on our sparkling Steam community page located over there.

Not much else to say really, just a quirky fact, this blog is "maintained" by 2 people, there have been 2 posts in two months and I have just made the second post today, lets do the maths:

2 people = 2
2 months = 2
2 posts = 2
2 posts this day = 2

So 2+2+2+2 = 8

8, EIGHT, people, remember it...


TheSpender(TheClanGuy) said...

This is an interesting creation Matt. I usually do not spend time on blog pages, but this one is nice and Roomy.:)

CresceNet said...

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ntwrock said...

Thank you Mr. Splender.

The above post interested me, so I decided to translate it as follows:

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Anonymous said...

I rather like the posted comment by Crescenet.

TheSpender(TheClanGuy) said...

Oh, and by the way, the Anonymous was thespender(theclanguy).

psychomode said...

2+2+2+2 IS 9.