Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Title of blorg

Seems like only a day or two since I last blorged it large. We are two lazy insociable buggers so we rarely feel we have anything interesting to write. I'll have Toad get another blorg of nonsense on the go.

Tis probably quite obvious what I'm going to write about now, yes, Crysis. As you can tell I like to take my sweet time when playing games, and in Crysis all I seem to do is play for five minutes, stand around messing with the graphical settings and taking pictures for fifteen minutes, and then play another five minutes. Therefore, I have a total play time of 17 hours (and have just knocked WoW out of my top 5 at bloody last).

As a budding photographer (currently without a camera due to the fact that the battery life is shocking on my current one) I enjoy taking pictures in games too. I've built a fair collection of Crysis shots, all of which can be found here (newest ones at the bottom).

I'm also experimenting with panoramas in Crysis, vertical panoramas at least. I'm not the greatest photoshopper so I have to smudge the pictures together to get rid of the hard lines across the middle, they don't look too bad though.

The first one being when you come across the entrance to the mountain, and the second when you exit it. Check the truck at the left of the second pic for the sense of scale, looks most wootsome.

Time for a quick barth.


So I should be getting my passport through in the next few days as I'm heading to Canada for a driving holiday next May which will be ace. This got me and El Toad talking about a possible trip to Pripyat, Ukraine. Apparently they do tours to the city and around the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, both shown in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and moist recently Call of Duty 4 which we are both quite fond of. As of now there is a lack of funding/motivation stopping us from going, but if my car is still alive next year (I got it fixed by the way) it would be nice to take the 'Beast' (unofficial nickname for my car) on a trip across Europe.


chris said...

Count me in for that road trip; we'll catch two headed dogs and drink vodka to cure our radiation poisoning. Also we should take a detour through Amsterdam for no reason. No reason at all.

ntwrock said...

That was entirely the plan sir. And then from Chernobyl we'd head to Moskva, and then on to Siberia and eventual death.