Monday, 3 December 2007

Short and greasy

I can't stop adding bloody useless crap to the side of the blorg.

You now have an option to subscribe to the blorg, and though it says we have 2 readers, one of them is indeed myself.

I also added a little bugger that plays my playlist, so if you want to hear what The Wombat listens to, click the big play button over there. A few songs I'm thinking are a tad heavy to listen to whilst you're reading this fine blorg. So I may amend it so it plays just Biosphere and Bohren und der Club of Gore (German doom jazz, if there is such a genre. Well, nothing else seems to fit them so that will do), and any other quiet electronic musics or 'post rock'. Everyone likes post rock so can't go wrong with that.

Edit: Now less Rocket From The Crypt, more wootin' ambience!

I was half way through writing more about Crysis, but got kinda bored with that idea, so yes I'm still playing it. I'll leave it at that.

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