Saturday, 17 November 2007

Lazy buggers

Time for an update one thinks.

As you can see, The Wombat the lazy buggers we are have been so unbusy not playing games lately that we haven't got around to updating our blorg.

So what have we been doing? Me, playing Mafia, The Orange Box on both PC and hexbox 360, Woims Armageddon with Mike and my moist recent purchase Crysis (and soon a bit of World in Conflict - half price at GameStation ftw!).

As for Mike, as far as I'm aware, The Orange Box, which was then sold to make way for Call of Duty 4 and Hellgate London. Of course some Woims, and his moist recent purchase The Witcher.

In between these profusions of gaming, me and Mike have grown very fond of the channel Dave on freeview. I've been falling asleep to Biosphere, and have been listening to 'Curses' by Future of the Left indefinitely.

Crysis - Relic

Yes, so I've been playing Crysis for the past few hours. First impressions - good. Being honest I never really got that far in Far Cry, the majority of the time I spent in it I was dead, mainly due to the enemies shooting me in the head from the other end of the map, which I didn't find very fun. And the Trigens... In one word? 'Gah!'

But Crysis on the other hand is fun, the Koreans are good enemies, and I giggle every time one of them shouts "yankee shankeeeeeoooaah!". Granted I haven't got to the halien parts yet, even after 5 hours. I'm quite content in just wandering around aimlessly, looking at the lully scenery, and poppin the settings up to very high so I can take a few shots (which can be found here). I can't stay on very high settings too long unfortunately, I get 5fps when there's no action, and -1fps when I meet an enemy.

And that's all I can think to write at the moment. Stay tuned for 'Yorkshire Zombies' - a short story from Mike, which I've been promised will be finished sometime in the next 5 years.


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