Thursday, 9 April 2009

Warthog Acquisition

Yes, it's a post, how amazing, now be quiet before I set Alan upon thee.

As we all know, tomorrow is "Warthog Picking Day" a day of celebrating the fact that Warthogs are grown on bushes, somewhere in the left side of the sea, as close as left as it can be without it being right...or up.

We also know that the Warthog Emperor, George, is released from his eternal prison at 1:28am, this event is celebrated by taking the warthogs off of the bushes, making them into a pile and then giving them complicated algebra that they have no comprehension of (like most people with algebra eh? haha, shut up) this in turn calms George to the point where he can be locked away again for a few more years, which then begs the following question, which will be stated in the following paragraph to try and spice up this blorg.

The question we must ask is: "Why". Yep, "Why", why must we go through this procedure every few years, why must we unlock the cage so that we can lock it again, seems a bit harsh, especially since George gets his hopes up every time and every time he gets locked up again, it's your fault, Sweden, it always is, its about time you start respecting the warthogs lest they rise up and take you all captive, this route will then lead to military action and the warthogs shall perish, they cannot use complex weaponry, they cannot use vehicles, its a one sided fight they have no chance of winning.

Shame on you Sweden, shame on you.

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