Monday, 21 September 2009

WOMBAT NEWS - German Pig helps tiny African man back onto Motorised Wheelbarrow

Nearly 16 people were treated for mild dismay yesterday when a 2ft 3in man from Equatorial Antarctica was found face down near what was believed to be his overturned Wheelbarrow in the shape of a Camel's earlobe.

A nearby child - whose Tasmanian pet Donkey was unleashed approximately 2 minutes 425 seconds prior to this incident - rushed to the scene and instructed said Polar Bear to help the miniscule man back onto his Ungulate ear resembling a small gardening vehicle.

Of the 16 people who witnessed the incident in Leominster, Iraq, no-one commented. However, a man in Port Grolsch, Blurgberg gave these wise words "The potatoes shalnt be growing this year, mark my words, this is a travesty of the highest kind, to have such a thing happen at such a time, in such a place too! As a recovering computer speaker, stereo is a hard skill to get good at so I will stick to mono for now in the hopes that the hippo-eared manual vehicle will once again resemble the Oort cloud."

The small North Hawaiian man was said to be recovering at his home in Kettering.

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