Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Random Sausage accident creates inverted light-sphere, tens of people flee

December 9th - 2009, this day shall remain forever in our minds and an event happened that no one thought could happen, nothing was planned, no one ever thought that something like this could happen but it did.

The events that led up to this accident are foggy at best, but we do have some "Ultra Rare Accidental Sausage Catastrophy Revealing Documentation Device" or URASCRDD if you enjoy abbreviations. Apprently, during a factory trip, several children infected several sausages with a nano AI virus type thing, this caused the sausages to become sentient and go ape. Within mere seconds the sausage factory was in ruins and the aformentioned tens of people were running for their very lives/sheep, the children meanwhile were nowhere to been seen as, according to the URASCRDD, they were not children at all, but massive aliens/frogs measuring many many feet in height, lets say 5ft 12 for convenience.

Once the sausages were loosed, their very existence was threatened, so they went out to attack anyone or anything that stood in their way, sheep, eggs, beer and even the mighty tube were decimated by the sausage onslaught, fortunately, the sausages failed to take down their natural enemy - Birds.

Thats right, seagulls and hedgehogs flew in for the kill, taking heavy casualties but ultimately succeeding in defeating their mortal enemies and ending the sausage war of 2009, will we such an uprising in 2010? Only time will tell.

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